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2019 BILLS

LRTA is actively tracking and lobbying in support/opposition of the following bills. You can view a brief description of the bills as well as the positions LRTA will take on the bills below. 

HB 19- Representative Pearson

Provides for payment of the IUAL from the MFP

LRTA Position: Neutral

Pending House Retirement Committee- Recommitted on 4/8/19

HB 28- Representative Ivey

Proposes switching the four major state retirement systems from DB plans to hybrid plans

LRTA Position: Opposes

Pending House Retirement Committee

SB 14- Senator Peacock

Proposes term limits on the board of trustees

LRTA Position: Neutral

Voluntarily Deferred by Senate Retirement Committee Until Next Meeting (4/9/19)

LRTA will also monitor the following bills:

HB 96- Representative Pylant

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Require all state employees to be placed in unclassified service

Pending House and Governmental Affairs

SB 123- Senator Chabert

Would allow voters to propose laws, amend existing laws or the constitution and adopt or reject such proposals by petition.

Pending Senate and Governmental Affairs

HCR 20- Representative Jones

Encourages Congress to review and eliminate GPO/WEP

Passed Senate (4/17/19)

SCR 34- Senator Mizell

Encourages Congress to review and eliminate GPO/WEP

Passed House (4/17/19)


Click here to view the list of LRTA legislative priorities for 2019.


  • Reach out to Louisiana legislators and share your thoughts and opinions. Remember: you are their constituents. Check out these letter writing tips and guide for contacting your legislators.
  • Some committee meetings and sessions are recorded live for public viewing. You can get real-time updates and watch your legislators in action. Follow committee meetings live at this link
  • Sign up for the LRTA Email Club to receive the latest information!
  • Encourage others to reach out to their legislators. There’s power in numbers!


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