Legislative Bills

Under “Key Legislation” you will find a list of bills LRTA will monitor and/or track during the 2022 Regular Session. Click on the underlined bill number to read the bill’s description. You will also find the status of the bill and LRTA’s position. Click on the gray “Close” button to exit and read another bill. 

The positions listed are the anticipated positions LRTA will take on the following bills. These positions may change as the session progresses and/or if amendments/changes are made to the bills. The LRTA Legislative Committee will review these recommendations and the LRTA Executive Board will vote on the positions at their Board Meeting in Spring. 

A green check mark indicates that LRTA supports the bill. A red x indicates that LRTA opposes the bill. A gray dash mark indicates LRTA is neutral or taking no position on the bill. 


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