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July 29, 2016
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July 29, 2016

Wilda P. Chelette

Mrs. Wilda P. Chelette, District VI President

I graduated from Oakdale High School in 1960 and entered McNeese State College (University), majoring in biological science education with a minor in speech.  With one year left to graduate, I married Jack Chelette, the love of my life.  He had one semester left until graduation and that year was not an easy road to travel.  We both finished our education and actually graduated together in 1964.  He pursued a career in agriculture and I began my journey in education.

We have one daughter and two grandchildren.

I’ve taught school 33 years in three parishes: Calcasieu, Allen and Jefferson Davis.  The last 31 years were spent at Lacassine High School.  Nineteen of those years were spent in the class room teaching science and speech.  During those years, I was instrumental in founding the student council as well as the Beta Club.  I was also in charge of home coming activities, the speech festival and the Mr. and Miss Cardinal Pageant.  I left the classroom and became the assistant principal for nine years and then was appointed principal for four years. I commuted 22 miles one way to teach at this small rural school because the parental support was awesome and the students were a joy to teach.  I treasure the memories and the friendships I made with the students, fellow educators and parents through the years more than words can say.

 I enjoy reading, cooking, crocheting and fishing.  I also enjoy signing in the choir and have a ministry to the widows at our church.  As a cancer survivor and finally getting over chemotherapy, I decided to “re fire” and live life to the fullest!