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Please complete this form and return to LRTA to join or renew your dues (the renewal process is the same as joining LRTA). 

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You may authorize the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) to deduct your LRTA dues from your retirement check annually on April 1. Please complete the form and mail to the LRTA office to authorize the deduction.



LRTA Annual Dues

LRTA annual dues assessments are $30 a year. Annual dues include membership from April 1-March 31 the following year. To join as an Annual Member:

  • You may download and print the Membership Application form
  • You may join online. Click on the Retired Educator (Annual Dues) button.
  • You may authorize the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) to deduct your LRTA dues from your retirement check annually on April 1. You may cancel this authorization at any time by written request to the LRTA office. To sign up, download and print the Dues Deduction  Authorization form. Please complete the form and mail to the LRTA office. 

LRTA Lifetime Member Dues

The dues assessment for retirees age 79 and under considering Lifetime Membership is 20 times the regular membership dues assessment of $30, or $600. In 2019, the LRTA membership approved changes to the LRTA Bylaws that allow an adjusted assessment for retirees ages 80 and over. The dues assessment for retirees age 80 and over considering Lifetime Membership is $300. To join as a Lifetime Member:

  • You may download and print the Membership Application form
  • You may join online. Select the Lifetime Member (79 and under) or Lifetime Member (80 and above) button. 

LRTA Associate Member Dues

LRTA dues assessments for Associate Members are $12 a year. Associate memberships in LRTA are available to actively employed teachers and other employees of the education community and to individuals who may be interested in supporting the causes of retired educators. Associate members receive the same benefits as regular members but cannot hold a position in a state-wide office or vote for candidates in state-wide office elections. To join as an Associate Member:



Please mail forms to: 

Louisiana Retired Teachers Association
9412 Common St., Ste. 5
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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  1. Represents the interests of Louisiana’s retired education community on proposals considered by the TRSL board of trustees, by the Louisiana legislature, and by the U.S. Congress.
  2. Supports Permanent Benefit Increases (PBIs) for eligible benefit recipients.
  3. Will continue to work with legislative leaders and committees to increase the level of benefits for oldest retirees and to review methods for granting future PBIs from the Employee Experience Account.
  4. Is working toward obtaining legislative appropriations to pay down the IUAL.
  5. Supports appropriate levels of health insurance coverage for retirees through the Office of Group Benefits and local school boards.
  6. Provides current information about LRTA on
  7. Provides four newsletters mailed to all members each year.
  8. Supports repeal of Social Security Administration benefit offsets known as GPO and WEP.
  9. Opposes changes in the current governance, administrative, and benefit structure of TRSL.
  10. Opposes mandatory Social Security coverage of Louisiana’s actively employed educators.    
  11. Maintains a staffed state office to coordinate state activities.
  12. Works with district and local units to provide programs and information.
  13. Endorses Association Member Benefits Advisors to offer insurance products to our members.
  14. There is no other association that works exclusively for Louisiana’s retired education community.


If you have any questions about LRTA, please contact us at


With a presence in virtually every community in the state, LRTA has something for every retired teacher.

  • Over 70 local Units throughout state
  • 11 LRTA District throughout state
  • Major influence in protecting and improving pension benefits for retirees.
  • Provides and encourages opportunity for contact with friends and associates.
  • Promotes image of dignity and independence of aging.
  • Information on local Units in each parish and LRTA Districts available through LRTA office or online with the LRTA Districts and Units Directory.


Membership in LRTA offers:

  • Quarterly LRTA Newsletters.
  • Representation on state legislation and retirement proceedings guided by the LRTA Legislative priorities.
  • Liaison with Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL).
  • Liaison with State Employees Group Benefits Programs.
  • Semi-annual state conventions.
  • Liaison with state AARP and with NRTA.

**LRTA and its 11 state-wide districts do not endorse candidates for political office.


  • The National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) is a division of AARP serving retired educators and administrators 50 and over. 
  • NRTA encourages local participation in national volunteer commitment to support local youth programs.
  • NRTA provides legislative representation at state and national level.
  • The Association of State Retired Teacher Executives (ASRTE) is a national network for executives representing state organizations for retired teachers. 
  • ASRTE strengthens state and local retired teachers organizations by creating a national network to develop effective methods of interaction between state and local officers and discuss mutual concerns and problems.