Alva J. Martin
July 27, 2016
Clyde F. Hamner
July 29, 2016

Dr. James A. Taylor

Dr. James A. Taylor, TRSL Board of Trustees

I am a Life Member of LRTA, St. Bernard RTA, and St. Charles RTA. I am an emeritus member of the Louisiana State Bar. I have served you vigorously and diligently on the Board since 2015, actively participating in all major committees. The work of these committees has resulted in the highest return on investment during my tenure. In addition, there have been three cost-of-living adjustments, with a fourth pending legislation. As an educator and attorney, my priorities are to protect teachers’ investments in TRSL, increase income for our poorest retirees, strengthen member control of the organization, resist retirement system consolidation, remove Social Security offsets, maintain return-to-work options, and protect DROP benefits. My educational and legal experience will support benefits to both public schools and higher education retirees. The upcoming election is critical. We can protect our important life-long investment only through constant dedication, diligence, competence, and persistence. My eight years on the Board have given me the insight and experience to contribute to wise and prudent decision making. Of the nearly 100 board meetings held, I have missed only two (due to hospitalization). I ask your assistance in spreading the word to our membership of the importance of this election and the need to vote wisely. I also respectfully ask for your vote.