Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We as Active Employees and Retirees Become ‘Activists’ in Protecting Our Current Retirement Plan by Communicating Positive Information to Our Legislators that our System Works?
  • Join LTRA as a regular or associate member:
  • Join the LRTA email club
  • Actively respond and engage legislators on matters important to us as current and future retirees
  • We will provide you with contact information, updates, language, and written information to use when speaking to stakeholders and state decision makers
  • Let’s work together to protect the retirement benefits for current and future generations, so that Louisiana can attract the best and brightest educators!
How Do We Defend Our Retirement Plan When We Don’t Understand the Current Plan or the Proposed Changes that Come Through Our Legislature Annually?
  • Currently TRSL: Defined Benefit (DB) Plan
  • A plan where a monthly benefit, payable at a certain age, is ‘defined’ in the plan
  • A traditional pension with predetermined monthly annuity payments
  • Payable until death
Are you the organization that sends me my retirement check every month?

The Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) is the state agency that issues retirement checks. Questions about your check, bank transfers or any other issue directly related to your retirement can be addressed to them.

TRSL’s web page is or you can contact them at
P.O. Box 94123, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9123
Phone: (225) 925-6446
Toll-Free: 1-877-275-8775
Fax: (225) 925-6366
TDD: 1-800-846-5277

Are LRTA dues tax deductible?

Dues paid to LRTA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes

How Do We Provide the Best Education for the Children of our State?
  • Research proves that the classroom teacher is the single most important factor in the successful education of public school students
  • Attracting the best teachers is difficult because research shows they are paid 17% less than their counterparts with similar degrees and experience in the private sector
  • Louisiana ranks 24th in average teacher pay with a lower beginning salary than most state’s making it harder to attract qualified employees
  • A guaranteed retirement: A Defined Benefit plan is one of the best ways to attract the highest quality individuals into education
  • Many teacher preparation programs are able to advise students into education because our current retirement plan provides a guaranteed benefit