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January 6, 2020
Member Testimonial: Clyde Hamner
February 10, 2020

Member Testimonial: Janis Hernandez

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Janis Hernandez joined LRTA as a way to stay involved with former and fellow colleagues.

She also wanted to stay up to date on issues that affect her now as a retired teacher, as opposed to when she was in the classroom.

LRTA also provides several leadership opportunities. Janis encourages retired teachers to become involved with LRTA at a level they feel comfortable with. Janis currently serves as the LRTA First Vice President and Membership Chair.

Janis thinks it’s important that there is an organization that is solely devoted to the issues of retired teachers, especially during legislative sessions. LRTA is committed to advocating on behalf of retired teachers and informing its membership on retirement matters.

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