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July 15, 2022

Unit Spotlight: Sabine RTA

Teacher shortages became a “hot topic” discussion during the 2022 Regular Session. The Sabine Retired Teachers Association recognizes the extreme national, state and local teacher shortage. Statistics show that more than 44% of teachers leave the profession within the first five years.

In an effort to address this issue the Sabine RTA awarded 12 first-year teachers each a $50 honorarium as a token of their appreciation for entering the field of education. 

“The members discussed the out-of-pocket expenses that most first-year teachers face,” says Sabine RTA Past President and District VIII President Chris Nolen. “They then voted to provide an honorarium to give back a little.”

Pictured from left to right – First Year Teachers at Many Elementary School Arin Barnhill, Joycelynn Crittenden, Ashton Wood, Lela Denny and Chris Nolen SRTA President

Chris then contacted the human resources director for the Sabine Parish School Board for a list of teachers in their first year of their teaching career (excluding those in their first year in the parish or school).

The honorariums were delivered to each teacher at their school by officers of the organization.  Each teacher was thanked for choosing the profession and encouraged to continue in this most worthy career. Sabine RTA hopes through this recognition first year teachers will understand how important they are to the community.

In addition to the honorarium, Sabine RTA members continue to contribute to educating Louisiana’s children through other efforts. In the past, Sabine RTA has volunteered to teach classes to K-4 grades in all parish schools about littering using a curriculum developed by a committee of the Toledo Bend Lake Association (TBLA). The TBLA is dedicated to maintaining and/or improving the quality of Toledo Bend Lake and the amenities surrounding it. Each student received a packet of information and activities provided by TBLA.

Sabine RTA has also assisted with the Zwolle Tamale Fiesta organization in putting lunches together for all students participating in their education day. The Zwolle Tamale Fiesta celebrates the rich Spanish and Indian heritage of the people of the town.

Community activities like the TBLA and Zwolle Tamale Fiesta allow retired teachers to give back and use the skills they gained from the classroom to serve their communities.

For more information about Sabine RTA, contact Mrs. Mary Anne Russell at (318) 645-9613.

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