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July 29, 2016
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July 29, 2016

Leandra Mitchell

Leandra Mitchell, District IX President

Leandra Mitchell is a lifelong educator, life coach and a retired teacher of 15 years, having served 7 years of volunteer service in the Army National Guards & Reserves of Texas, he is currently serving as President of the Madison Parish Retired Teacher’s Association in Tallulah, LA .

Mr. Mitchell attended Southern University A.M. College in Baton Rouge, LA, where he was elected Freshman Senator, graduating in the Fall of 1977.

After graduation, Mr. Mitchell relocated to Austin Texas and perfected his skills in business, government and community. He believes in practicing the proper fundamentals of planning and preparation along with hardwork to produce results. This is illustrated in his career.

His interest being District IX President is to strive to promote lobbying for retiree benefits and growing a stronger membership base.

“I am motivated by the dedication of those who continue to have the passion to teach our children despite lower pay rates, violent school shootings and sometimes unsafe working environments”.                              

 Mr. Mitchell is married with four daughters and is an ordained deacon.