2020 Legislative Update #3
May 4, 2020
2020 Legislative Update #5
May 11, 2020

Legislative Update: 5/6/2020

LRTA’s mission is to serve as the voice of the retired education community, representing its interests by monitoring, protecting and improving the benefits needed to secure dignity, independence and overall quality of life. We support retiree’s freedom of choice of doctors and medical service providers. HB 325 by Rep. Mike Echols, if passed in its present form, could possibly restrict freedom of choice for Medicare participants in OGB. This concerns LRTA as many of our members are participants in OGB.

HB 325 by Rep. Mike Echols proposes that Medicare participants in OGB must join an OGB Medicare Advantage Plan, even if already a member of the traditional (Magnolia) PPO or HMO plan offerings of OGB. LRTA is recommending opposition to this measure as it could possibly restrict “freedom of choice” of your current doctor, hospital, or other medical service providers.

It could also require pre-authorization from your insurance carrier for certain types of medical tests and other medical services and surgeries. It would also most likely restrict out-of-state options for Louisiana-based retirees for specialized medical services, such as M.D. Anderson, currently provided by OGB. And, it would also shrink the size of the in-state physician & hospital networks & medical service providers, further impacting your freedom-of-choice options. It could also eliminate coverage for out-of-state retirees on Medicare.

Please contact the members of the House Appropriations Committee and ask them to OPPOSE HB 325 by Rep. Mike Echols. Just click on the links to the committee members below for their contact information. Please write, email or call them and let them know you are opposed to this proposed legislation:

House Appropriations Committee

Jerome Zeringue, Chairman          
Gary Carter, Vice Chair          
Roy Daryl Adams, Member          
Tony Bacala, Member          
Barbara Carpenter, Member          
R. Dewith Carrier, Member          
Raymond J. Crews, Member          
Mary DuBuisson, Member         
Rick Edmonds, Member          
John R. Illg Jr., Member          
Frederick Jones, Member          
Timothy P. Kerner, Member          
Rodney Lyons, Member          
Tanner Magee, Member          
C. Denise Marcelle, Member          
Jack McFarland, Member          
Blake Miguez, Member          
Dustin Miller, Member          
Troy D. Romero, Member          
Francis C. Thompson, Member         
Larry Bagley, Interim Member          
Valarie Hodges, Interim Member          
Clay Schexnayder, Ex Officio          

Because we cannot be physically present at the Capitol due to social distancing, it’s important that we contact our legislators through letters, phone calls and emails to express our concerns.

Every time you reach out to a legislator, it makes a difference. Please respond to this “Call to Action” and contact your legislators today!

Rodney R. Watson
LRTA Executive Director