The Louisiana Retired Teachers Association Foundation, Inc. was chartered in 1984 to receive and administer funds to develop and assist in the administration of educational programs, projects, studies, and other activities for the benefit of retired educators and for other retired persons in Louisiana.


The LRTA Foundation, Inc. is a separate entity, and operates independently from the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association. The foundation is governed and administered by an elected board of directors, and is incorporated under the appropriate and applicable laws of the state of Louisiana, and under the appropriate provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The articles of incorporation designate the LRTA Foundation, Inc. as having a tax deduction status under Section 501 (C) (3) of the code.

The board of directors consists of nine members. The members of the board elect, from among themselves, a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The board of directors meets twice a year, and at other times set by the officers of the foundation, to conduct the business associated with the acceptance of donations, approving projects to be funded, and all other matters related to, and consistent with, the articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the foundation.


The LRTA Foundation, Inc. accepts monetary donations, individual and corporate gifts, and bequests, all of which are tax deductible for the donor under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations, regardless of the type, are acknowledged for tax reporting purposes.  Types of donations accepted by the foundation include:

  • Cash Contributions—donations are accepted in honor or in memory of individuals.
  • Real Estate—donations of buildings, homes, and land are accepted.
  • Life Insurance—listing the LRTA Foundation, Inc. as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy is accepted.
  • Stocks and Bonds—transferring ownership on securities is accepted.
  • Art and Jewelry—transferring ownership of art, jewelry, and other valuable objects is accepted.

Your donation in honor of, or in memory of a deceased relative, friend, or teacher is unique in that it honors the education profession.  Your gift will stay in Louisiana, and will help strengthen and enhance the lives of retired persons and the communities in which they live.  Your donation will be acknowledged by letter to the person you designate.  You will also receive an acknowledgement of your gift for income tax reporting purposes.

The name of the person you honored or memorialized will be published in the LRTA Newsletter, but the amount of your gift will always remain confidential.  To make a donation, use the convenient form provided.  The form can be printed, and then completed. Click here to access the donation form.


  • To receive and administer funds for educational and civic purposes.
  • To develop and assist in the development of educational programs, projects, undertakings, studies and other activities, in cooperation and in coordination with local and state governments and civic bodies, for the benefit of retired persons in Louisiana.
  • To disseminate information to retired persons in Louisiana as may be necessary to inform them of their legal rights.
  • To assist in protecting and promoting the personal health and safety of retired persons in Louisiana.
  • To inform retired persons in Louisiana of the various local agencies that provide services to retired persons, or of any other agencies offering programs in which they may take part.

In addition, the LRTA Foundation, Inc.:

  • Sponsors the LRTA Foundation, Inc. Leadership Award given each spring to one deserving LRTA member who shows extraordinary leadership in his or her unit, district, community, or in Louisiana.
  • Sponsors the LRTA Centennial Club which recognizes LRTA members celebrating their 100th birthday.