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Here you will find the legislative resources and updates every retired teacher in Louisiana needs. Click on the plus sign next to each section to expand it. Under each section, you will find links to resources, articles and research and our Legislative Action Center. 

This page is your “one-stop-shop” for both state and federal issues that impact Louisiana’s retired teachers.

Click here to read our latest LRTA Legislative Update.

LRTA has partnered with VoterVoice to create our new Legislative Action Center. Track state and federal bills, read legislative updates and respond to call to actions all on one page. Check out our Legislative Action Center here!

  • LRTA SUPPORTS the current Defined Benefit plan. Learn more about why we support the current plan here. 

  • LRTA OPPOSES changes to the current Defined Benefit plan and retirement system, including switching the plan to a Defined Contribution and/or Hybrid Plan. Learn more about our opposition here.

  • LRTA SUPPORTS the repeal of the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP). The GPO and WEP are Social Security Administration issues that affect retired teachers in Louisiana and five other states. Learn more about the GPO and WEP here.

Each year, the LRTA Legislative Committee reviews and approves a list of priorities from which to evaluate legislation. Click here to view the 2021 LRTA Legislative Priorities.

Prefer to write a letter to your legislators? Hand-written letters have a huge impact, too! 

Click on the link below for the Louisiana Legislature’s website. Here you will find information about bills, committee meetings and legislators.

Although the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association cannot endorse political candidates, we remain keenly interested in candidates’ views on our legislative priorities. See our past survey results below and in our Legislative Archives. 

2019 Election Cycle Results


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