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Introducing the LRTA E-Newsletter!

LRTA is proud to offer our members the option to receive a digital version of the LRTA Newsletter via email. This is a new option for active members of LRTA. Currently, all LRTA members receive the newsletter through the mail.

How it works:

Active members (which include auto-deduct members, active members who renew their dues annually, and life members) can “opt-in” or choose to receive their next LRTA Newsletter electronically. Active members must notify the LRTA state office that they would like to receive the LRTA E-Newsletter and indicate which email address to send the E-Newsletter. Otherwise, members will receive the printed newsletter in the mail.

The LRTA Newsletter is published four times a year (January, April, July, and October). Members who choose the LRTA E-Newsletter will receive the newsletter via email on the same publication schedule.


What to expect:

Members who choose the LRTA E-Newsletter will receive an email to link to view the newsletter on their iPhone, iPad or computer. The newsletter will open as a full-screen document. There will be arrows on the side of the screen to “turn” the pages. Just tap or click on the arrows to turn the page. 

The links in the electronic newsletter are live, so you can just click on the link to view the content. No more typing in links to watch the videos or read the research we mention in the newsletter. 

One of the benefits of the LRTA E-Newsletter is the ability to have it wherever you go! You can pull up the newsletter on your iPhone or smartphone, iPad or tablet, or laptop or desktop computer.


How to sign up:

Are you ready to receive the LRTA E-Newsletter? Here’s how to sign up!

You MUST be a member of LRTA in order to receive the electronic newsletter. The state office will check your membership status upon signing up and will contact you of any discrepancies. 


The LRTA E-Newsletter is an option members can choose to receive the newsletter. Members are NOT required to receive the LRTA E-Newsletter. If at any time a member wants to “opt-out” or start receiving the printed newsletter again, they just need to contact the state office at 225-927-8837 or Members may NOT receive both the printed and electronic newsletter.

We hope you will consider our new E-Newsletter! LRTA is proud to continue to expand our member services to meet or members where they are and continue to STRIVE TO MAKE RETIREMENT YEARS GREAT!