Action Alert: Ask the Senate Retirement Committee to SUPPORT SB 6
March 23, 2022
LRTA Legislative Update #4: A Preview of Next Week
March 31, 2022

LRTA Legislative Update #3: SB 6 Passes Senate Retirement! What’s next?

The Senate Retirement Committee met this morning at 9 a.m. Senate Bill 6 by Senator Ed Price was on the agenda. I am happy to report that the committee moved to report the bill favorably, and SB 6 has passed the Senate Retirement Committee!
Our members sent THOUSANDS of messages to the Senate Retirement Committee asking for their support of SB 6. This was done through emails, letters, phone call and VoterVoice.
Thank you for your activism and participation!
I also want to thank the members who joined us at the Capitol and helped pack the committee room. I provided testimony on your behalf, along with other members of LRTA, before the committee asking for their support The committee even commended on the amount of green cards received in support of the bill.

In addition, the Senate Retirement Committee heard Senate Bill 10 and reported the bill favorably as amended. LRTA did not take a position on this bill.

Here is the current list of bills LRTA is tracking with the anticipated positions LRTA will take. The LRTA Legislative Committee and Executive Board will officially vote on the positions in the coming weeks.

Now, SB 6 will go before the Senate Finance Committee to confirm funding. In the meantime, start preparing your letters of support to send to your Senator. Click here to download our Golden Letter template to write your letter on. You may use regular notebook or copy paper if you prefer.

In addition, you can download a Word Document sample letter here or a PDF sample letter here to use as a guide as you write your letter. To find your Senator’s contact information, click here.

Although hand-written letters are very effective, you may type your letters on a Word Document if you prefer.

We will send another Action Alert when SB 6 comes before the full Senate. Stay tuned for our next legislative update!

Rodney R. Watson
LRTA Executive Director