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March 28, 2019
Legislative Update #1
April 11, 2019

A Look Back at the 2019 Spring District Meetings

In the past two months, the LRTA Executive Director Rodney Watson has attended eleven district meetings and eight unit meetings across the state of Louisiana. The LRTA President Nancy Quigley also attended eight of the eleven district meetings to introduce herself and show support. All of the district meetings were productive and successful. Rodney provided important information about recent research on retirement benefits and upcoming legislative session at every meeting. Read more about the meetings and some of the information Rodney shared:

  • Six districts held elections during their district meetings. Four of the districts elected new officers. We will share their biographies and pictures after the 2019 LRTA Spring Meeting.
  • Rodney shared the latest research on pension and retirement benefits. This is important information to keep handy. You can find the full report Rodney discussed here.
  • Rodney also discussed the governor’s race in October and advised retirees to keep an eye on the political arena. As mentioned in the Spring 2019 LRTA newsletter, LRTA will survey the candidates on their views on retirement. We will continue to provide our membership with information and updates as it becomes available.
  • Everyone who attended the meetings should’ve received the latest LRTA bills tracking chart. We will also share this information on the LRTA & The Legislature webpage of our website.
  • The legislative session begins on April 8, and now is the time for retirees to prepare. Rodney informed the districts of a bill that proposes changing the four major state retirement systems. Rep. Barry Ivey has filed H.B. 28, which proposes switching the current defined benefit plan to a hybrid plan. The proposed plan would NOT provide a retirement benefit greater than or even equal to our current defined benefit plan or Social Security.
  • At the district meetings, Rodney encouraged members to contact the House and Senate Retirement Committees to oppose H.B. 28. Click here to find contact information for the House Retirement Committee and here for the Senate Retirement Committee. Please reach out to your legislators so that they may hear from their constituents (whom they serve).

As the session progresses, we will continue to provide updates our members through our Facebook page and Email Blasts. Thank you to everyone who attended their district meetings and participated in activities and lively discussions. LRTA strives to inform and protect their members and MAKE THEIR RETIREMENT YEARS GREAT!