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October 31, 2022
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Unit Spotlight: Vermilion RTA

“How can we serve children and educators?” This is the question the Executive Board of the Vermilion Retired Teachers Association asks each fall. The answers to this question guide the service projects Vermillion RTA will take on for the year. Thanks to the input and support from their membership, Vermilion RTA has discovered various ways in which they can serve their community.

Like many of our local Units, Vermilion RTA plans their calendar year from October to May with an end-of-year social in June. The Executive Board meets in September to plan for the year. At that time, board members suggest service projects for Vermillion RTA to complete. Members discuss each recommendation and decide upon the service project based on the focus of youth and education in the community.

For the 2021-2022 year, Vermillion RTA decided to complete three service projects. For the “Helping a Neighbor in Need” project, Vermilion RTA fundraised and donated $760 to the F.K. White Middle School in Lake Charles to support recovery efforts.

Pictured (left to right): Mollie Charpentier, Karl Bruchaus (Superintendent), Jose Cobian (Principal), Ann Hardy, Carolyn Savoy, Patsy Hebert, Marietta Clark and Henrietta Garber.

“The year before we gave funds for disaster recovery to retired teachers in Calcasieu and during the summer we continued to hear about the needs of the Middle School,” says Vermilion RTA President Ann Hardy. “So, we voted to continue the support for disaster recovery to help students and staff. When we visited the school, there was obvious damages that needed repair. The Superintendent and staff were very grateful for our visit and donation.”

In December 2021, Vermilion RTA began their second service project, “Helping Students Obtain Needed School Supplies at Mid-year.” Recognizing that additional school supplies are often needed by the middle of the academic year, Vermilion RTA collected student instructional materials and supplies along with funds to support students during classroom instruction.

For their third service project, Vermilion RTA served the Vermilion Woman’s Resource Center. The Vermilion Woman’s Resource Center aids approximately 30 women with their transition toward becoming independent, self-sufficient individuals/parents. VPRTA presented funds ($640) to the Woman’s Resource Center in Abbeville.

Pictured (left to right): Mollie Charpentier, Deborah Meaux, Henrietta Garber, Lenita Turner, Ann Hardy, Bliss, Betty, Charlotte, Beverly Suire, and Brenda

Even in their retirement years, educators continue to search for ways they can serve the communities and students of Louisiana. Their dedication and devotion continue on in service projects and programs like the ones Vermilion RTA undertakes.

For more information about Vermillion RTA, contact Mrs. Ann Hardy at (337) 772-9278.

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