2020 Legislative Update #14
October 21, 2020
LRTA Announces 2020-2022 Executive Committee
November 5, 2020

Update from the LRTA Executive Director

NOTE: A previous version of this post stated the Second Special Session must end by 6 p.m. on Oct. 27. The Legislature ended the session on Oct. 23. Please see the corrected version below.

The month of October is generally a busy one for LRTA, since we are usually preparing for our State Fall Meeting. While we are not hosting face-to-face meetings this year, October 2020 has kept us on our toes!

The Second Special Session ended Friday, October 23. One bill pertaining to retirement was filed during the session (HB 97 – Emergency Return to Work Bill) but did not pass.

LRTA hosted three successful virtual District meetings this month! Thanks to the District Presidents and members of LRTA Districts VII, X and XI for making these meetings a success. We are thankful that technology allows us to hold virtual meetings so we can continue to get business done and “see” one another. However, virtual meetings do not replace the feelings of comradery we get from face-to-face meetings.

Although many things have changed, one thing that remains the same is LRTA continues to operate (even virtually). The LRTA Executive Board will meet through Zoom on October 28 at 9:30 a.m. Members are welcome to attend the meeting. However, members will be on mute the entire meeting. We will not be able to see or hear members. You may call into the meeting or you may join by computer. To register for the meeting, visit www.lrta.net/lrtameetings. Also, check out our Zoom Guide for more information about using Zoom.

Finally, we are in the middle of Election season. The Early Voting period is ending soon, and November 3 is Election Day. Check out the Voting Resources we posted in our new Advocacy Center on our website, and visit sos.la.gov for more voting information.

We are adjusting to the “new normal” in terms of virtual meetings and working remotely. But, we have not adjusted to seeing our members less frequently. As I stated before, virtual meetings are great though they do not replace the feelings of comradery. Our staff and our leadership miss our members, and we look forward to when we can see each other again safely. For now, we will continue to be creative and try new things so we can keep the product in motion. We are working on developing new programs and opportunities for our members. We will continue to work hard, from a distance, to STRIVE TO MAKE RETIREMENT YEARS GREAT!

Please stay safe at home, until we meet again.

Rodney R. Watson
LRTA Executive Director